It’s Na-chyo Birthday
Ginger Rhubarb Compote

skipaheadSo is this post about nachos or ginger rhubarb compote? Well both.

Yesterday was E’s 30th birthday. Old man. (Give me a month, I’ll catch up.) For his birthday he asked for one thing: the best nachos in town. He always does this, folks. Asks for the moon and then expects me to deliver. I mean, who is he to ask for nachos in Minnesota. That’s like asking for cheese in Wisconsin or seafood on the coast. Oh, Wait.

So I found lots of places with the “Best Nachos in Town.” But after a lot of Yelp reviews and some foodie reviews online I found the golden ticket: Salsa A La Salsa. Ooo, yum. The chips were made fresh and they topped them with refried beans, guac, sour cream, taco meat, cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo. I know, it sounds pretty standard, but I’m confident it was the fresh chips that made them so delectable.

After a lunch of junk food and an afternoon of sweets (courtesy of his many awesome co-workers), E was craving a salad and feeling a bit like Elaine in this episode:

So I scrapped my plans for cake and instead made E something with rhubarb. You really can’t go wrong, in E’s eyes, when you cook with rhubarb. We had this rhubarb compote (I’m calling it Rhubarb Butter at my house though) on bread, but it would be amazing with some creamy cheese or on a cracker. Or even over ice cream!

Ginger Rhubarb Compote

Overall: five-star


This was so incredibly easy to make, I felt ashamed telling E. Hey, honey, here’s how much effort I put into your birthday dessert: 10 minutes. It tastes pretty good too. If you don’t like rhubarb, obviously this won’t be for you, but the ginger and cinnamon take the edge off the sour rhubarb.  (Recipe here.)

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Pie on Pi
Five Fruit Pie

Because I’m incredibly original, I give you pie. On March 14th. Which is 3.14, which is also known as pi. Complex stuff.


I have a thing for pie. I love pecan pie, cherry pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and my Grandma D’s pumpkin pie. (Well really any pie she wants to make, I’ll love. But that’s one of her best.) I love pie so much E and I served it at our wedding. I don’t mean that in an offhanded way. We skipped wedding cake all together and bought 30 some pies from our favorite little pie shop in Wisconsin: the Norske Nook. (Note: I’m not endorsing their food – that’s kind of a mixed bag. But their pies are phenomenal!) It was amazing. I think I had like three pieces of pie that night.

I think most everyone loved having something a little different to choose from and I know people really got into trying the different flavors. E definitely was on board with the pie decision.

If you’re wondering, it’s strawberry rhubarb pie. Now wonder no more. If E has a grin this big, it’s because he’s eating strawberry rhubarb pie.

Five Fruit Pie

Overall: four-star

See? The grin isn't quite as substantial for this pie. It's still there - there is rhubarb and strawberries - but those damn blueberries and raspberries got in the way!

See? The grin isn’t quite as substantial for this pie. It’s still there – there is rhubarb and strawberries – but those damn blueberries and raspberries got in the way!

A great recipe for the indecisive. It has a mixture of berries, rhubarb and apples. The berries kind of all blend together and you can’t pick out a distinct flavor, the rhubarb gives it all a tartness, and the apples are a nice crunch. All together, tasty! (Recipe here, from Taste of Home Magazine.)

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Hey girl, I’ll eat that soggy Pecan Rhubarb Bread

eHeyGirl3My man’s a trooper. His very favorite ingredient is rhubarb. He just loves it – but I can’t seem to cook with it. My cobblers are always runny, my pies are always spongy. Yet I soldier on! I set out to make rhubarb bread from one of his favorite cookbooks, The Joy of Rhubarb, for my valentine. Somehow it didn’t turn out like I’d hoped. I baked the majority of the batter in a loaf pan and it was soggy and almost looked raw in the middle. The rhubarb was just so dense and had so much moisture that it kept the bread from rising. The second I pulled it from the oven and saw that the top had sunk in, I knew something was wrong. The remainder of the batter had been baked in a mug and I cut into that and found beautiful rhubarb bread. Success! So I dished up the good bread for E and the soggy bread for me. He quickly got up for seconds though and came back with the soggy stuff. Smiling, he said, “Yeah, it’s not quite right. But I’ll eat it! It still tastes ok.” What a guy.

I know I’ve got a good one, so when I saw the “Hey Girl, Link Party” over on Decor and the Dog, I knew I had to give my hubby some props. (If you’re behind-the-times on the hey girl memes, this is what I’m talking about.) So, without further ado (because I think I’m a little late to the Link Party on this. Perhaps fashionably late?), here his my very own Ryan Gosling look-alike.

eHeyGirl2 eHeyGirl1E’s so encouraging and patient, he truly doesn’t mind doing the dishes or eating a cold dinner because I had to take photos. Happy Valentine’s Day to my Valentine. Both of them. 8474252978_3593911019_o

Pecan Rhubarb Bread

Overall: three-star

Neither loaf had the whole package. The larger loaf was soggy in the middle. The mug loaf was less flavorful.

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