Gluttony upon Gluttony – Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies

This is what my refrigerator looked like pre-game. Yikes.

This is what my refrigerator looked like pre-game. Yikes.

I try my very best to be a good host. I think I spend so much time worrying about having enough food and drinks, making sure my house isn’t a complete wreck, or that that the dogs aren’t making a mess in someone’s shoes that I forget about the entertaining part of the whole deal. But usually E has that covered, social butterfly that he is (Errr, social dragonfly? butterfly seems a titch too feminine…). For the superbowl soup-er bowl, I inundated my guests with soup. Seriously, way too much soup per guest ratio. Plus, my sister made an awesome chex mix with pistachios and cheese-its. Plus, the 100 breadsticks previously mentioned. Plus, the salad previously mentioned. Plus beer, wine coolers, rum and cokes, and RumChata hot chocolates. That should’ve been plenty, right?

Playing Blokus and drinking RumChata Hot Cocoas. If you don't know RumChata, get to know it today. It will change your world. We use it with root beer, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Playing Blokus and drinking RumChata Hot Cocoas. (If you don’t know RumChata, get to know it today. It will change your world. We drink it with root beer, coffee, and hot chocolate.)

Until E tells me, “I can’t even remember the last time I had brownies!” “Why don’t you ever make brownies?” “Make brownies for the Superbowl dessert.” “I demand brownies!!!”

Ok, I guess it wasn’t quite that vehement, but the man wanted brownies! Considering how often he gives me a foot rub or wakes up earlier than me to go make coffee (that he doesn’t even drink!) and breakfast, I figured I could come through on the brownies thing.

Ultimate Double Chocolate Brownies

Overall: five-star

I found this recipe in my Feb/March Taste of Home magazine, although it was one of those that just tease you with a photo. They make you go to the Taste of Home website to get the whole recipe. Glad I did!

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Pots de Crème and Social Awkwardness

So, apparently I stink. Or at least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to after a friend of ours cancelled on dinner tonight and then a five month old baby cancelled too!

DSCF4558Our good friend was scheduled to come over for dinner tonight. I was making Penne alla Betsy and Pots de Crème (pronounced po-de-crem), both from Pioneer Woman. Well Pots de Crème need to be made a few hours ahead of time so they have time to set up in the fridge, so I prepared them this morning. Not long after, I got a message from my friend that her brakes went out of her car! Yikes!! So we both agreed that she should probably stay put until they were either fixed, or she had a new car.

Well, I thought, thats ok! E and I will feast on Pots de Crème, plus E’s cousin Joel was dropping off his five month old son for us to babysit tonight. So I could score some brownie points (literally!), and share the chocolate bounty with Joel. Until I found out that Baby C would rather spend the night with his Grandpa than with us! Hey now! That’s two cancellations in one night! One is an unfortunate event, another is something all together different. Do we smell? (I’m blaming Little K’s stinky diapers and excessive spitting.) Is the house a mess? (Yes, always.) Are we poor company? (Sometimes, yes. E’s jokes are sometimes a little painful. “What’s black and white and black and white and black and white? A panda rolling down a hill.” Har!)

Well with our freshly freed up schedule, we decided to have a movie night with an incredible dessert!

Pots De Crème

Overall: five-star

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