Echo, echo, echo: The Best of May

May was another speedy month, but an exciting one! We made the decision to sell our house in search of one with a little more space for the someday-brothers/sisters of Little K, plus we want a little more room for entertaining and hosting overnight guests. We spent almost all of May putting furniture in storage, painting, cleaning, peeling wall paper… The house is officially done now though, and officially on the market! We’re getting lots of showings (and so far Little K is handling his displaced after-daycare time well!) and E and I are crossing our fingers that this is a quick process! Well, not too quick. We have to figure out where we’re going to move!

You didn’t hear as much from me during May as you normally do, and if I’m being honest, things probably won’t get loads better for June. Here are the little “projects” on my to do list:

  1. Help get things at work back to normal and fully staffed.
  2. Sell our house.
  3. Find a place to live.

You can count on a couple best of moments though. And, although May was so quiet around here I could hear an echo, I did have fun. Here, let me prove it to you.

Best of the best: This has to be the garlic press giveaway I did for the Garlic Bread post. The recipe was easy and quick and the garlic choppers rock my socks, man. I love ’em! (Hope the three winners do too!)

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Good Riddance: The Best of April

I’m hoping for a sunburn. Yep, I think summer is finally here. I’ve gotten myself in trouble for saying that last month; I even put the snow blower and shovels away only to have one of the worst snow storms dump on us the next day. But, I’m going all in this time. I’m blogging from the middle of my backyard, basking in the sunshine, and planning on a nice pink glow. 

Little K is smartly dressed though. Sun bonnet, shade, long sleeves.

April wasn’t all bad though. In between the unseasonably cold temps and miserable snow storms, we had some pretty awesome best of moments here at

Best of the best: Asparagus with Parmesan. Flying solo as the one and only total package last month!

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February is to cheetah, as March is to turtle: The Best of March

I have a feeling you’re tired of hearing it, but man was March long. Whereas February was a breeze, I felt like March was three months long before the first week was over. Whereas. Does that remind anyone else of the analogy  questions we used to have on tests in school?

Pop quiz!

  1. Apple is to fruit, whereas carrot is to ___.
  2. Coffee is to cup, whereas soup is to ___.
  3. Stinky is to Beaker the dog, whereas adorable is to ___.

Answers: vegetable, bowl, and Little K.

What? You’re saying that last one wasn’t on your ACT test? Well it should have been. Look at how sweet my baby boy is. I’ve got more Easter pictures on the way too – that post is coming soon! And guess what! It involves eggs. (Are you surprised?)

Anyhow, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. March was long. I think part of it had to do with the fact that we’re all hungry for Spring and it just doesn’t seem to come. And Easter screwed me up this year. We did Easter in Wisconsin with my family and whenever we see one another we always part ways telling the other when we’ll see each other again. It only happens once a month or every other month, so we like to remind one another that we’ll see them again soon. Well I think we left off in February saying “see you in a few weeks for Easter!” A few weeks was two months. But, finally, Easter came and went, and with it March. So, without further ado. Here is the best of March!

Best of the best: The two total package recipes this month! Chocolate chip banana bread and Baked Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce.

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The Best of February, a.k.a. salty steak, internet memes, and a woman draped in mink

March snuck up on me. Somewhere between the daily snowy commutes and the barrage of sickness, February happened. And with it, a solid month of blogging. Yep, February was the first full month of this blog, and so I want to start a monthly tradition of doing the “best of.” Maybe I’m getting too into the spirit of award season, but I want to recap some of the great (and not so great) projects, recipes, or happenings of the last month.

Best place to people watch: A thrift shop, especially when you have Thrift Shop by Macklemore running through your head.

We found a shopper "draped in mink."

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