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The Classics: Lasagna and Chili

Who’s idea was it to clean up my language and when exactly do I have to start? So yesterday was Little K’s daycare Christmas Show. Little K’s class sang “I’m a little snowman” to the tune of “I’m a little teapot” and I missed the whole friggin’ thing. E caught it on video and there really wasn’t much to see anyhow, but I can’t tell you how irritating it was to leave early, battle traffic, to walk in to the conclusion of the whole deal. Yep, plenty of expletives – LOUD ones too – were launched in my car last night. Honestly people – the roads weren’t that bad. Why were we driving 30 miles under the speed limit two hours before rush hour? Infuriating. Luckily I watched this a half a dozen times now and I’m a lot calmer.

Little K is the one being held for most of the video by the lovely Miss Cassie. The whole thing just cracks me up. The kids have no idea what’s going on, only about two of them even attempt at doing the hand gestures, and Little K spends the whole song transfixed on the crowd. Exactly what I would expect from a group of one-year-olds, and exactly 325x more adorable than expected.

After the week I’ve had, I’m feeling pretty Grinchy today – though I still have bouts of random Christmas Spirit/dementia thrown in for good measure – so I’m especially looking forward to my weekend of Christmas baking, shopping, and parade watching. I have absolutely no concrete plans written in my planner this weekend and it’s the best thing for me. The past week has been booked, busy, and bothersome (oh, alliteration. You are my friend.). Last weekend we had several house guests, here are the reviews on the recipes served.

Classic Lasagna:


This one is a must do! It’s ridiculously easy and everyone will love it. I especially like that Laurie embraces the no-boil lasagna noodles with open arms. It’s basic enough that even picky eaters will like it, but still has complex flavor and flexibility enough to add in any extras you like in your lasagna. (Recipe here by Simply Scratch)

Simple, Perfect Chili:


So the name got half of it right. It’s most definitely simple. But I didn’t think it was perfect. It was a little boring for my tastes. I added in all sorts of beans, used half turkey and half beef, skipped the masa harina (mostly because I have no idea what that is exactly or where to find it at my grocery store), and I added some extra seasonings (like taco seasoning, tomatoes with chiles, and Tabasco). I think with all those changes I was pretty far from the recipe, but I ended up with something yummy. I did like this recipe for the base though. So I would still recommend using it for your chili foundation and then add veggies, beans, seasonings to your liking. Also, if you know where to find masa harina then use it. I have to imagine it’d be delicious. (Recipe here – though I found it in Pioneer Woman’s first cookbook, from Pioneer Woman)

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