I’m a little Snowman
Favorite Christmas Recipes

Happy Christmas, everyone! I love this time of year, especially if there’s snow, and I find myself getting ridiculously giddy at random times throughout the day. I believe the symptoms of being in the Christmas spirit are often confused with early warning signs of dementia. Or vice versa. In conclusion, I either have Christmas spirit or dementia. Lets enjoy it! [*random excited giggling*] Tonight is Little K’s Christmas Concert. (Yeah, I was shocked that one-year-olds have Christmas concerts too.) And he’s singing “I’m a Little Snowman” to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.” I’m sure it will be hilarious to watch the teachers try to wrangle the 10 kids on stage. Can’t wait!! I’ll grab a photo of the chaos for ya.

Part of this season is thinking about year-end resolutions. I generally don’t really participate in that tradition – making promises that I often don’t keep or should have vowed to do regardless of the season – but this year I think I’ll partake. I know it’s a little early to make the New Year’s Resolution Declaration, but who the hell cares?

  1. Resolution One:I really do want to write on this blog more often. I use new recipes from cookbooks or blogs nearly everyday, so content isn’t the issue. The issue is the same as it is for 99% of the other negligent bloggers out there: time and interest. As a mom with a full-time job, a kiddo, and a long-arse commute, I don’t have much free time. As a blog still in its infancy, my readership and comment count are both painfully low.Those two items conspire to keep me from blogging. It’s as simple as that. Taking the two minutes to pull photos off my phone/camera or sit down with a computer after we finally put Little K to bed just doesn’t often seem worth it when it feels as though there are a whopping three readers (and two of them share a surname with me.) So, I’m going to make some changes in an attempt to make it easier on myself. Less ratings and less photos. I’m primarily reviewing recipes that come from blogs with photos galore (and stellar ones at that). I don’t need to add my sh*tty smart phone pics to the mix. If there is something interesting or misrepresented (like their finished product looks straight out of a magazine and despite my best efforts mine looks like spam) I’ll show ya, but otherwise lets just skip it, eh? And the rating system was grueling and at the end I don’t know that it really told you whether it was a recipe  worth trying or not. So now, we’ll do an easy overall review (essentially a pass/fail grading system) so you can see whether I say try it or not. Again, if I want to call your attention to something really interesting (like a wonderful recipe with every dish in the house dirty, or a fancy-pants recipe that cost next to nothing) I’ll call up a rating for that area in particular.
  2. Resolution Two: I need a bar of soap to chew. I think this comes from spending too much time yelling at other commuters and listening to angry radio, but I say a lot of expletives. Not necessarily George Carlin’s Seven Dirty words or anything, but enough that I don’t want Little K picking it up. So, much to my chagrin, I’m going to try to class up my vocab. You won’t notice a difference since I generally only use those words on the fly – not in my marginally thought-out written words here.

So, now that you’re up to speed. Lets get this sh*t started with some random holiday pics off my phone. BAM:

For my next trick, here are some excellent holiday recipes that I demand you try this weekend:

  • Pioneer Woman’s Pretzel Turtles: Yummy, easy, and quick. Just be careful when you melt the caramel. I forgot them in the oven and we ended up with toffee.
  • Five Fruit Pie: I reviewed this here. I love the variety of berries in this and flavors – it’s a crowd pleaser!
  • Candy Cane Snowballs: Make a small recipe of these, you only need so many peppermint cookies. But they are so yummy! Oh, also, reviewed here.
  • Baked Cranberry Pudding: I made this last year and I plan on doing it again this year. It’s not the best dessert ever, but I love the tradition of it. Plus, it’s at least 500x better than fruit cake.

That’s enough for now I think. Later b*tches friends.

 Disclaimer for my long-time readers Mom: Sorry about the abundance of foul-mouth language. Just poking a little fun at my New Year’s resolution. All done now. Please return to your regularly preconceived perceptions of me.

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  1. If you’re going to class up your vocab, you’re going to have to buy me a dictionary. “chagrin”… I’m pretty sure that was last used when wooden teeth were still in style.

  2. I’m loving the resolutions!! Can’t wait to see what you whip up on here next, keep your chin up! Oh and…TOPOGRAPHY!! (On behalf of George Carlin). 🙂 See ya around

  3. helllz YES! I love the review and link drop style here! I still get to know what wicked recipes you’re recommending and I get to read more about the crazy happenings of your commute, Kaleb, and the family in general.

    I think the most important part is to not focus on your readership. I know it’s frustrating sometimes to see that only 10 people read something that took 2+ hours to prep and publish but remember the core of why you’re a blogger – you love to write and you’re good at it. I think readership can be like watching a pot of water boil, you just have to trust that it’ll boil and keep dicing the vegetables in the meantime.

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