Fake it ’til you make it
S’mores Brownies

skipaheadYou know what I hate about bonfires? Smoke. I hate that my hair and clothes and coat all reek of smoke until someone hoses me down with a fire hose and some febreeze. And face it, if you’re having a bonfire, you’re probably going to be out there until the wee hours of the night and who wants to take a febreeze shower after that?

Other than that, I love bonfires. I love the community that always happens when a bunch of people hang around a bonfire. I love feeding the fire and watching the flames grow, shrink back, and finally become nothing more than a white-hot ember. And I love the food. Roasted marshmallows, burnt black hot dogs, and of course – S’MORES!

But, heck, who has time to sit around a bonfire on a Tuesday night? Well don’t worry, Bakerella and I have you covered with some fake out s’mores you can make in your oven. And then, watch, the people will flock to the table and that same sense of community will grow. And all without your hair smelling like smoke (well hopefully…).

S’mores Brownies

Overall: four-star


These brownies were really yummy and fairly easy to make. I didn’t love what happened with the graham crackers after they baked. They kinda just melted away into the brownies and I couldn’t even taste them. However, these brownies seemed to get better and better as they aged. Gooey chocolate and soft marshmallows. (Recipe here, from Bakerella.)

Ease to Prepare: four-star

These aren’t your box mix brownies, so don’t expect that level of effort. You will need to smash up the graham crackers and melt the chocolate on the stove, and then (the hardest part of all) top it with a few marshmallows without eating them all.


Instructions: five-star

Bakerella always includes loads of photos of the process. So nice to check out how her chocolate looked as it melted on the stove or how finely she smashed the graham crackers. She even included a little post scriptum about what size marshmallows to use. I used regular sized ones (as in the kind you’d usually use in a s’more) and they worked really well. I don’t think mini’s would work well at all (they’d sink right into the batter) and she thought jumbos were a little too big.

Food: four-star

These were just amazing. The chocolate was rich and gooey. I was disappointed that none of the graham crackers held their crunch, but maybe I shouldn’t have crushed them as much as I did or something. As it was they kinda just melted away into the brownie batter and I couldn’t taste them at all.

The marshmallows were beautiful, but the texture of them wasn’t great once they’d cooled from the oven. They were a little tough to eat with a fork because they had caramelized some. After a full day had passed though they softened back up again and were perfect. I actually wish I had put maybe 20 marshmallows on instead of just the 12. I cut the brownies so each brownie had one marshmallow on it, but that meant the portions were HUGE.

Clean up: five-star

Surprisingly, nothing was baked on even though marshmallows have a tendency to lead to lots of extra scrubbing.

Cost: one dollar

As far as brownies go, this was a bargain. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing expensive. In fact, this is a perfect recipe to use up some of those old marshmallows from your last bonfire (you know, the ones that have dried out a bit and are a little hard now).


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  1. Alright, since we’re on the topic of campfires and a lot of people reading this know Krystal – I’m going to hijack the comments!

    Who has the most interested fact about Krystal (or the Wiesenbergs) regarding fire?

      • Having seen – on multiple occasions – that her solution for “how can we get this fire going” is “let’s just keep pouring gasoline for the lawnmorer on it”, I’m starting to suspect that too many of our stories are non-Smokey-the-Bear friendly that we won’t disclose them to the internet;-)

        • Since you brought up her Grandfather and this is about the whole family. There was the time when her Grandfather started a bonfire on our home farm while I was working off the farm. It got away from him (to much gasoline?) and burnt half of the neighbors pasture. Oh, or the time a fire got away from me at farm3 and we had to call the fire dept. as it was along the road and burning phone junction boxes. I have already said to much, but there are more.

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