Echo, echo, echo: The Best of May

May was another speedy month, but an exciting one! We made the decision to sell our house in search of one with a little more space for the someday-brothers/sisters of Little K, plus we want a little more room for entertaining and hosting overnight guests. We spent almost all of May putting furniture in storage, painting, cleaning, peeling wall paper… The house is officially done now though, and officially on the market! We’re getting lots of showings (and so far Little K is handling his displaced after-daycare time well!) and E and I are crossing our fingers that this is a quick process! Well, not too quick. We have to figure out where we’re going to move!

You didn’t hear as much from me during May as you normally do, and if I’m being honest, things probably won’t get loads better for June. Here are the little “projects” on my to do list:

  1. Help get things at work back to normal and fully staffed.
  2. Sell our house.
  3. Find a place to live.

You can count on a couple best of moments though. And, although May was so quiet around here I could hear an echo, I did have fun. Here, let me prove it to you.

Best of the best: This has to be the garlic press giveaway I did for the Garlic Bread post. The recipe was easy and quick and the garlic choppers rock my socks, man. I love ’em! (Hope the three winners do too!)

Best way to make a pregnant vegan happy (without sending someone into anaphylactic shock): The answer to this question would be different, you know, if it didn’t have that caveat about anaphylactic shock. However, since we’re being all goody-goody and keeping people out of the hospital, then I guess the best way to make a pregnant vegan happy is with Vegan Fruit Tart.


Best use of office supplies in the kitchen:  Paperclips for the win! Paperclips hot glued to the back of plates make excellent plate hangers. And, you’ll be happy to hear, that the plate wall has survived my “depersonalization and de-cluttering” of the house and the paperclips are still holding strong. 


Best beer: Well that’s an easy one: Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewery near my hometown in Wisconsin. But the recipe I used it in to make bread, meh. It was ok. I think I’ll make it again, but I won’t use the best beer and I won’t get myself too hyped up about it. 

Best thirst quencher: Soup, specifically Sahadi’s Lebanese Lentil Soup with Spinach. Weird, I know. But the soup is so light and the lemon flavor comes through so well, it really did feel like a good way to enjoy hot lemonade. Definitely a good summertime soup anyhow!

 Tell me one thing:

  1. Have you ever moved? What is the hardest part?
  2. What did you make last month that was the best of the best?
  3. How is the weather where you are? I keep calling it summer way before Minnesota wants to call it summer. And, although I know everyone is complaining about it, I officially give you permission to go crazy with your weather complaints in the comments. Lets get out some anger and aggression boys and girls!