Enjoying the bubble
Sahadi’s Lebanese Lentil Soup with Spinach

skipaheadLittle K has hit another milestone in life. I stopped hauling his carseat everywhere. He now sits all by himself in the front of the shopping cart eyeballing all the shoppers around him and straining to reach whatever is close enough for him to yank off the shelf. I have so much fun shopping with him, I barely notice what’s going on around me and I sit and chat with him even though he’s not quite able to chat back. “Where do you think they hide the mayo, kid?” “Do you want turkey and rice or chicken and apples?”

When I went into Target the other day though, I noticed a mom putting a baby seat into the shopping cart. I peered into the carseat and saw a very new, very sweet little girl. Her momma was inspecting and reinspecting the way the carseat latched and then, when all looked well, she pushed the cart off into the produce area, all the while in her own little bubble. She was beaming (both momma and baby) and each only had eyes for the other.

It made me feel very nostalgic for a time that was only a season ago. I can remember the first time E and I took Little K to the store and how many people remarked about how tiny he was. I’m sure we had that bubble around us too. Walking in a daze, bumping into endcaps, grinning like a fool. It’s funny how the everyday, mundane tasks – like grocery shopping – can become such special little moments between momma and baby. In the not-to-far future, Little K will want to walk on his own and I’ll miss the squirming, grabby, handle-sucking baby in the front of my cart. Until then, I’m happy to enjoy the bubble.

Sahadi’s Lebanese Lentil Soup with Spinach

Overall: five-star

When I met E he had really tall hair. Like no one ever told him to trim his frizzy hair shorter than 3 inches and use pomade. It wasn’t the best look for him, but luckily I looked past that and looked at what counted. That’s what you need to do here. Look past the uglier than 3-inch tall hair, to the amazing, fresh, yummy flavor. (Recipe here, from Bean By Bean: A Cookbook.)

Ease to Prepare: five-star

As far as soup goes, this one is super easy. You do have a couple of onions to chop and some garlic to either puree or chop, but that’s really no sweat. I didn’t chop the onions very finely, and I liked the texture. The toughest part of the whole thing is waiting for the lentils to cook, but as far as soups go that’s a pretty quick prep!

Instructions: four-star

I appreciated that there were details like puree the garlic OR just chop it if you don’t have time to puree (can you guess which I did? chop. of course.) and you can OPTIONALLY use corn starch to thicken or skip that if you’d like (ok, skipped!). However, I did find the instructions a little wordy and I kept checking back at the recipe and re-reading things over again until I found the step I was on.

Food: four-star

This is really hard for me to say: This is my favorite soup. *phew* That’s a load off. I usually exclusively eat cream-based soups. Like potato soup or wild rice. It always is very heavy and leaves me feeling weighed down and sleepy. This soup had amazing flavor and I felt phenomenal after eating it. The lemon is really the star of the show in this and although it’s supposed to be summer and we’re still serving soup, it was almost ok since it had this lemonade-esque quality to it. Mmm, I want some more right now. Honestly, have you ever had a soup that also quenches your thirst?!

But, you take the good with the bad ugly. It had a terrible, terrible presentation and it only got worse with time (although the leftovers were just as tasty!). Wilted spinach in water, just not the prettiest thing ever. I don’t think this is company type of soup, but if your guests aren’t too judgy then go for it!

Clean up: five-star

Not bad. A skillet and a pot, but no scrubbing. Again, stellar for a soup.

Cost: one dollar

Affordable. I happen to have five bags of various types of lentils, so this helped me use some of those up. And then, hey, onions, spinach, garlic – all staples in my kitchen!

Tell me one thing:

  1. What’s your favorite soup?
  2. Are you living in a bubble? If so, who else is in the bubble with you?